Introduction and Update
    So here's the first real introduction to some of the characters in the upcoming game. All characters are finally finished with the design process. Now time to go hard on the coding side. 

    I'll still be a little vague on the game for now. I will have a more detailed post later this month. No promising on when a beta or demo will be done but I have a few goals set for myself. 

    This weekend has been and will continue for the week finalizing all the framework code for the game. After that is finished it'll be simply getting the story and visuals put in. 

The characters in the above image from left to right.

Melanie, as shown an earlier Patron only NSFW post here. 19 years old.

The MC, who you will be able to give a name. 22 years old.

Michiko, a close childhood friend of the MC. 22 years old.

Steph, the best friend of Melanie, shown in the Melanie preview just off to the side of the camera blurred out. Also a close friend of the MC. 20 years old.

Tiffany, the sister of Stephanie and the oldest of the group. 24 years old.

Down below are individual images of each character. More info on each character and the story to come. Now I need to get back to coding.

Oh, also the title of the game is; The Inheritance

Any questions or comments welcome. Can't wait for the game to get out there.

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