Introduction to EDENGATE
Hi all! 

Just a quick first introduction to what I do: 

For the last year I've been writing and illustrating my first creator owned book Edengate. All pencilling , inking , colouring and lettering is done by myself. So it's a complete labour of love. 

Issue #1 has just been completed and going to print very soon. But it can be read via the usual big digital publishers. It has just been released on to ComiXology -

I'm currently working on issue #2. Once I finish issue #2 I plan to release the digital version of #1 for free to all! Huzzah! Free comics are good!

Also with the printed copy of Edengate #1 (scheduled for release next month)  I'll be offering a free print of the main image above, which is a preview / promotional image for issue #2.... 

( and breathe ) 

I'm looking forward to creating more detailed, colourful books for all you  comic fans out there.