An Introduction to my Content

3. Concerning Elite Corruption

Title says it all

4. Esoteric/Educational

Important high-density medicine by RPP (Red Pill Pharmaceuticals) - Enter the maze of Alexander Sangmoore's Mind

5. Sangmoore Oratorium

The man himself speaks - In his Oratorium

6. Feeding the Possessed

Music to develop Machiavellianism/Narcissism/Psychopathy. If the elite train in these, why can't we?

7. Western Torchbearer

White Pills to turn a flickering spark into a Flame, a Fire, a Light, an all consuming Ignis - An inextinguishable Inferno in your hearts and minds to compel action

To FIGHT for Western Civilization

Our Heritage
Our Identity
Our Culture
Our Values
Our History

8. Concerning Censorship

If (((They))) don't want you to know about it, it's in here.

9. Comedy

skeK poT

10. Musical Masterpieces

The finest of Sangmoore's musical taste

11. On Churchill and Zionism

Some uncomfortable truths

12. Mao's China - Rothschild Ties

More uncomfortable truths

13. The State of Britain

Stuff that will initially make you despair, then make you angry and compelled to action.

14. Audiobooks

I do audiobooks when either compelled to, or commissioned - If you like my voice and learning at the same time, you came to the Right place!

a) 200 Years Together - A History of Jewish Influences in Russian History (Most banned/forbidden book in the world, fully translated in only 2015)

b) The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Influences in 20th century Intellectual and Political Movements

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