Introduction to The Creation of a Self

I've started work on my latest game, The Creation of a Self. 

The idea for it came about while watching a movie where the main character spends their daily life identified and attached to their childhood memories, where the memories interfere with the true enjoyment of life as an adult, acting as a barrier. 

This stops the character from moving forward and from letting something absolutely new come to fruition. I suppose this is the same for all of us.

So, with The Creation of a Self, the player is to explore their relationship to the self they hold onto, including the good and the bad parts, while having fun destroying it, and seeing what effect this has on their relationship to death, freedom, and ultimately, truly living. 

The game's initial idea is for the player to go through the creating of a self through the creation of memories, and ultimately, killing those memories or the self. 

The idea is to have the player create a self by going through various life scenarios and creating memories in the form of poems, that they can create or match, and from there, entering into a boss battle type of situation, where they kill that memory, or self. 

There is to be a blend of nostalgia, as I want to use a retro style green computer screen and pixel art, and at the same give a sense of programming the self, through the computer, through poetry.  

Next, I will talk about some things that I went through during preproduction in terms of using AI for generating poems in Unity and what I've created so far in terms of trying to design memory creating mechanics. Further, I am also looking forward to talking about all the various death mechanics I am thinking of creating for this game as they come about. 

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