An Introduction to Feline. . .
      All of this started with two friends who love the Warriors series. Sky and Whisper, two graphic designers who love to create, got together and decided to create something of their own for once, instead of helping out with something someone else started. They conversed, discussed, and planned. Eventually, they came up with the official layout. The name "Feline" was chosen, and we decided to base the site off of the main 4 Clans, and we added Tribe of the Setting Sun, led by Sky of the Setting Sun, and Tribe of Shattered Peaks, led by Whispers Where The Mist Sleeps. ThunderClan, WindClan, and RiverClan have no leader, and ShadowClan is led by Aspenstar, previously Aspenflame. We ask that you not only help us achieve our goal of 30$ a month for the Premium pack on Webs, but we also ask that you help us advertise and that you join our website. 

Thank you,