I have a few assistants that will be assisting me through this journey.  In no particular order I'll introduce them and their roles. 

My Jeep. (so far unnamed)

     This shining example of Jeep longevity will (hopefully) get me to where a want to go.  It's a 1997 Wrangler (TJ) Sport with the indomitable 4.0L.  It currently has over 257, 000 miles on it. (Just getting warmed up. Right?)


     This little guy will be the comic relief and reason people look at me funny.  He was a character in ITV Digital and later PG Tips commercials in Europe.  I thought he was cool and my amazing sisters-in-law bought him for me.

The Family.

     My wife, daughter, and soon to arrive son will join in on the adventures and cause the general mayhem and confusion we require as a family to survive.  I am not a huge fan of portraits and posed shots so they will likely only appear in a few shots.

The Camera.

     Currently I'll be using a Canon Rebel XT with a Canon 28-135mm lens and a Canon Rebel XSi with a Canon 60mm Macro lens.  The standard Canon 18-55mm lens may stand in for the others with a cross screen or diffusion filter.  Both cameras likely have a similar amount of shutter  actuations  as the Jeep has miles.