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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what drives me, and what I want for my life.  It can be difficult when I'm frustrated with some aspect of running my business (can you say "marketing"?) to remember why I chose this profession.  I LOVE to explore.  I love the sense of awe and wonder that I find when I let myself experience all of the beauty I'm surrounded with.  I love to capture these feelings, and present them to my followers. 

One place I'd really like to explore more thoroughly is Maui.  I've been there only once, on a commercial photography job, and I had only one day to do my own exploring.  I made that day count, but there is simply no way to explore the whole island in so short a time. 

As I begin to dream about going back, I decided to revisit all of my photos from that one day, and I came upon this one that I had tagged as a favorite but never got around to publishing.  This bamboo forest was my favorite part of Maui - a completely magical wonderland that I couldn't stop staring at!  I hope it inspires in you a little spark of wonder and possibility, as it does to me as I remember that place. 

This is an image that I will include in my Art For Healthcare collection, due primarily to the lush and vibrant greens of the bamboo, as well as the sense of interest created by the "deflected vista" of the pathway leading out of view.  I think it will be a great one to include in the Healing Art Cart program for the same reasons. 


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