Invention of Writing (working title) - 3D model and audio tests
The loads of 3D models are coming along nicely. Usually characters (such as they are) and sets hang out in separate places, but I brought them together for this test. I placed two characters in the main hall in China, zoomed the camera in and rendered this pic. To fit with the "history of writing" theme, I rendered the scene with paper background + shading + freestyle (line-drawn) foreground. I can't show much more of the world. I also can't show the audio work, but it's coming along. Have done several drafts of the script and a few takes of the audio - one with an ElectroVoice Cardoid mic and a Zoom, one with a Blue Yeti and one with a Samson Go Mic. They're each 50 minutes to 1 hour for the whole script.