This is the interior cover for Center for Otherworld Science #3. I’m a sucker for “end papers”…I know they’re not technically actual end papers, but I like having a pretty and cohesive design on even single issue floppy comics. Especially since the Center for Otherworld Science is available online, I want the print versions to feel special, and well thought out. Speaking of which, I just sent Blood Root #2, Center for Otherworld Science #3 and reordered Otherworld Science #1. It's basically the most painful part of being a small press publisher - the part where you spend all the money and trust you will get it back eventually. But while reordering Otherworld Science #1, I realized that last year, between online, store sales and convention sales, I've sold almost 700 copies of that comic(and about 400 of Issue #2). It took me almost 3 years to get through 150 copies of my first comic. It's taking some time for all our other Sawdust Press comics to gain traction(they are all doing better than my first comic, though), but it's getting to the point where Otherworld Science is close to being able to fund the rest of the small press work, and that feels pretty good.
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