Inverse transform for gegl:panorama-projection
One of the new features in the recently released GIMP-2.10-RC2 is the canvas panning/tilting and zooming controls added by Ell for the equirectangular (360x180) viewer rendering op, this GEGL operation that I left neglected in its functional and useful but half finished state back in 2014. Early april was spent improving how it uses GEGL samplers and more importantly fixing the slightly broken, and thus disabled, code for a reverse transform setting.

The reverse transform setting enables the following GIMP workflow for retouching a panoramas tricky sky/ground as well as any other arbitrary views: 1) duplicate layer (and add alpha channel), 2) set pan/tilt/zoom of virtual camera and apply transform 3) do retouching/repair 4) re-open the panorama-projection op, recall last settings and enable inverse transform. The layer now contains a patch that can be further refined/blended before being merged back down to the panorama.

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