Invisible Journey Chapter 1: Prime Transmission

In ancient times , when Polaris was the center of the night sky, the evolution had begun. Now, over halfway to the centering of Deneb, humans connect and work directly with the Source of the Universe. The integration of technology into biological systems, and for transforming energy, allows all life to thrive and flourish. Mass conflict and strive are things of the past. Humanity has adapted as one element among many in service to the planet. But, there are still challenges and obstacles to over come.

Invisible Journey opens at the Sanctuary of the Star Keeper of Iron Mountain. Dona Thereza is the StarKeeper, connected directly to Source. She receives a Prime Transmission and must encode it in Iron Mountain with the help of her friend Dona ShiBay. This Prime tells of a becoming (future) that the two paqos hold to be true with their intention, for the highest outcome for all. This sets into motion events that are the Prime Transmission.

We meet  a few characters, Dona Too, (Dona Thereza's student) and Soay Legna, (Dona Too's student). Soay we meet again in chapter 3.