ioquake3 autoupdater: now with Windows support!
Okay, hitting the finish line here just in time to start the next month's projects. :)

The autoupdater now works on Windows. If you want the demo that your macOS and Linux friends have been teasing you for not being able to run, here you go!

- Get an Windows box. I tried Windows 10 (with regrets) but I'm pretty sure this should work with any Intel win32 or win64 machine.

- Move your prefs directory away to somewhere safe. It's in %home%\AppData\Roaming\Quake3 on my machine, but YMMV by Windows version.

- Download this:

- Unpack it and run ioquake3.x86.exe ...if you get a warning, you can run it anyhow. Signed binaries won't bother you like this in the future.

- Play the demo version of Quake 3 Arena that (hopefully) pops up. When you're done, quit the program.

- Launch the game again. You'll see the main menu has, uh, changed. If you're stuck now, hit '~' and then type quit.

That's the gist of it.

Windows  fixes are sitting in the GitHub PR:

This concludes the work on this project! Now we just need to get the PR merged and let the ioquake3 team figure out how they want to automate builds and push out updates with this, but now we've got a cross-platform autoupdater ready when they pull that trigger.

This project was sponsored by the Letter Q, the Number 3, and viewers like you! I hope this is living up to your expectations so far. Next up is a fast wrap up on that other secret project, a chapter of the book and...well, what next? What will it be? Stay tuned to find out! Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!!