Iowa Music Showcase - Episode 41: Favorites of 2016

Well, we finished another year here at Iowa Music Showcase.

I changed things a bit here. Afraid I couldn't keep the biweekly podcasts up, so now they could at least once a month, though I still threw in some extra ones when I could.

Instead, I started a weekly post. I think this is working better in presenting you with more Iowa music. I can now show other places where you can get Iowa music, like other podcasts, compilation albums, playlists, and other websites.

Also, by doing a playlist at least once a month, I can play artists that I might not be able to get a hold of and can't get permission to play their material on the podcast.

Looking over the past year's podcasts, I feel pretty good about what I've done.

Did some on stuff I hadn't done previously, like an Iowa musical, Iowa electronic music, and Iowa soul, RnB, and funk. But still got a retrospective in on an Iowa band, Peace, Love, and Stuff. And did 4 Halloween episodes and 3 Christmas ones!

In this coming year, I have big plans.

With the podcasts, I still plan on doing a retrospective on an Iowa band, but this time one from the 80s! There will probably be less theme shows and more genre shows so I can catch up on submissions. Listeners seem to prefer the genre shows anyway. And I will tackle a couple of genres that I haven't covered yet!

But we'll still have Halloween and Holiday episodes at the end of the year. My list of songs for both is already growing.

And if I can find enough material by May, I'd loved to do a Star Wars theme episode for Star Wars 40th anniversary. So if you know any Iowa bands and artists who have done a Star Wars-related song, write to me at [email protected]!

I will still continue to do at least one playlist a month, but I plan on doing some featuring new music that's coming out rather than just random music ones. So if you are a band or artist, send me your Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud links!

And if you do or know of a website or a podcast on Iowa music, or a compilation album of Iowa music. let me know. I'll be happy to a feature on you!

And last, but not least, don't forget that on Sat, Feb 4, at Lefty's Live Music, we have Iowa Music Showcase LIVE! Nine different bands from nine different genres! Showing the diversity of the Des Moines and Iowa music scene!

For more information on that, you can go to our Facebook event page -

So if you've been with us the past two years, thank you. If you're new here, I hope you stick around. And please tell a friend and help spread the word!

And finally, a big thank you to Indianola, Iowa, artist, Monique Booker, for providing the cover for this podcast! You can find her work at Spiritual Fantasy Artworks - - and Native Iowa Keepsakes -

And now for some boring stuff, you can skip if you want. For those interested, these songs were pulled from the podcasts that was either read about, viewed, or listened to the most. The song I used from the podcast was picked by the one that was looked at the most on the Iowa Music Showcase Songs website.

IMSC podcasts about Favorites:

IMSC "Other Sources" posts:

IMSC posts on other websites featuring Iowa music:

IMSC posts on other podcasts featuring Iowa music:

IMSC posts on compilation albums featuring Iowa music:

IMSC posts featuring playlists:

IMSC posts featuring SoundCloud:

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IMSC posts featuring Spotify:

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Cover by Indianola, Iowa, artist Monique Booker

The original rectangular painting has been digitally stretched out

to make it a square for this podcast


For more information, click on the link below the track.

Opening - Iowa Music Showcase theme by Dylan Boyle


Song 1 - "I, I, I" by Peace, Love, and Stuff (from the most viewed post [from 2016] on the Iowa Music Showcase website - "Episode 33: A Chad Taylor Dedication")


Song 2 - "Seance" by Rhonda is a Dead Bitch (from the most viewed non-Christmas post on the Iowa Music Showcase Songs website and from the podcast, "Episode 37: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2016, Part 4 of 4 - Scary Silhouette")


Extra 1; The most popular post on other podcasts and second most popular "Other Sources" post - "Other Sources: Iowa Block Radio"


Song 3 - "Beautiful Girls Put Yo Handz Up" by Polo Bandz (from the most listened to podcast on our SoundCloud site, "Episode 31: Iowa Soul, Rnb, and Funk Music")


Extra 2: The most popular post on other websites where you can find Iowa music, second most popular post about other podcasts, third most popular "Other Sources" post, and third most popular post using YouTube - "Other Sources: Iowa Blues Showcase Podcast and the Best of the Blues in Des Moines website"


Song 4 - "Girl Rappers" by Gracious and kFc (from the most listened to podcast [from 2016] on our BandCamp site, "Episode 30 - Iowa Hip-Hop and Rap")


Song 5 - "Polka Dots" by Peace, Love, and Stuff (from the most downloaded podcast [from 2106] on our BandCamp website, "Iowa Music Showcase - Episode 27: The Peace, Love, and Stuff Retrospective, Part 2 of 2")


Extra 3: The most popular post on compilations albums, most popular most from the "Other Sources" feature, and second popular post featuring BandCamp - "Other Sources: The "Under the Mic" Compilations"


Song 6 - "Good Bye Good Luck Good Riddance" by the Caucus! The Musical cast (from the most viewed podcast [from 2016] on our YouTube channel, "Iowa Music Showcase - Episode 25: Caucus! The Musical")


Extra 4: The most popular post using playlists, the most popular post using YouTube, most popular post suing SoundCloud, most popular post using Spotify, and most popular post using BandCamp - "Playlists: 'Fake' Iowa Bands"


Song 7 - "To: You" by Madam Jules (from the actually most viewed post in 2016 on the Iowa Music Showcase website, "Episode 20: A Jimi Strychnine Scribner Dedication")


Extra 5: The third most popular post using a playlist, the third most popular post using Spotify, and the third most post using SoundCloud - "PLAYLISTS: Iowa Halloween Music"


Song 8 - "O Holy Night" by Jonny Lipford (from the actually most viewed post on the Iowa Music Showcase Songs website and from the podcast, "Episode 38: Happy Hawkeye Holidays 2016, Part 1 of 3 - The Milk Edition")


Extra 6: The second most popular post using a playlist, the second most popular post using YouTube, the second most post featuring SoundCloud, the second most popular post featuring Spotify - "PLAYLISTS and OTHER SOURCES: Iowa Holiday Music"


Closing - Iowa Music Showcase theme by Dylan Boyle


All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode: The artists playing at Iowa Music Showcase Live!

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