IP Cameras. A Security Risk?
This week has been unbelievably exhausting. In order to improve the security situation around the workshop I have spent a lot of time online, researching the  advantages, but also the potential dangers of IP-cameras. Along the way I had to wrestle with annoying software bugs and the terrible customer support of the  Chinese manufacturers behind the cheapo-IP-cams that you can find online. I also spent some time researching better software, that would also work with cheap cams from different manufacturers. I also worked on the "Fallout Style Computer" in order to set up an FTP-server and experimented with a no-name copy of the PiCam for the Raspberry Pi in order to research the possibilities  of a DIY-alternative to these commercial IP-cameras. Sometimes you just have to do research in all directions in order to find the ONE idea that is actually worth while. The downside of that working style is that is hard to present results "on schedule". Therefore I'm really happy that I was able to condense some of the most important information that I have gathered so far into this video. Now I'm going to have a beer or two and I wish you guys a nice weekend, TPAI