iPad Pro and pencil review
I've been asked to do a review of my brand spanking now IPad Pro 9.7 and the Pencil so here we go! This is super brief because I do not have the attention span! I've only had this for just under a week so it's still very new and I'm still learning about it! 

My first impressions of the new IPad Pro and the pencil is that it's super sleek and it feels expensive. The iPad itself is a responsive, takes high quality photos and the battery life is very generous and lasts all day even though I'm on it constantly.

The pencil needs to be charged and you do this by popping off the top and plugging it into the iPad itself. You  can check the battery life of the pencil by going into the settings section on the IPad.  

The batterery of the pencil seems to be pretty generous too and I've only had to charge it once in under a week. 

The app I'm using to draw with is Procreate, which, despite having a very silly name, is pretty damn neat.  There are a few similar functionalities to Photoshop such as layers, tool settings, multiply and overlay settings and loads more. The app also records your drawing progress and you have an option to export this video as well as export your drawings as different file types.

The pencil is pressure sensitive and you're able to get a bunch of different brush settings which responds really well to the pencil. You do however need to apply a bit of preasure to make a mark but this might be something you can adjust in the settings section.

The thin nib means you get an accurate reading although the only downside is that you can't see the thickness of the brush  until you actually make a mark on the page. This is nitt picky though! If you think about Photophop, you choose a brush and you get that circle which is the same size as the brush. If you see what I mean.

It's hard to explain! 

I use my iPad all day for drawing and promoting my work on social media platforms so it's crucial that it's reliable. So far I'm really happy with it and I would recommended this product to any artist. 

I bought my iPad through John Lewis as you get a 2 year warranty and their customer service is really good!