iPad Pro selfie
If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know that I made a big-deal impulse buy on the last day of my trip: an iPad Pro and Apple's Pencil. 

I had brunch with Rich Stevens and Ren Caldwell on Thursday at my favorite restaurant in Northampton, The Green Bean. Ren reviews Apple products for iMore (her hand-drawn article on the Pencil was what sold me on it earlier this year), and she wanted to play with a handful of styluses for an upcoming review. Rich and Ren both broth their iPad Pros and the three of us played with them for a couple of hours over caffeine.

I'd already had the new iPad on my mind... but I only knew about the large-screen, rather expensive ones. So I'd shelved my interest in the new toy until, well, Thursday morning, when I finally got to play with a smaller tablet, and found out how much less it costs than the big one.

There happens to be an Apple store in Northampton, and it happened to have a no-sales-tax sale going on that day. So, armed with my two Apple smarties, I went in and smacked down the dollars.

Is it an impulse buy if it's something I'd wanted all year anyway? 

I'm already drawing way more than usual, because I can draw at any angle, in any lighting situation, and I can use a tool that appears to look like graphite, but won't smudge in my sketchbook (which is the only reason I don't draw with pencil as often as I'd like to). 

I have a feeling y'all will see not only a lot more drawing going on, but also a lot more of these process GIFs! Let me know if you like it - I'll screen cap more of the beginning sketches next time. :)

If you have any requests or ideas, share 'em! I've only downloaded Paper thus far; I want to spend this week looking at different apps and pushing the limits of this thing. B)

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