#IQ2 - Give Trump A Chance
One of my favorite sources of informed political discource is Intelligence Squared, non-profit debate organizers with an impressive ability to get front-line experts as their debaters. This time they are debating for and against the proposition that we should "Give Trump A Chance."

I find it interesting that they have a conservative and a liberal on either side of the debate, suggesting that reactions to President Trump - whether to grant him a honeymoon period and an open mind, or whether to throw our full weight in opposition to his every proposal from the earliest possible moment - divides the left and the right alike. This is not the typical "All Democrats support it, all Republicans oppose it" kind of issue.

Regardless of your ideology and your opinion of President Trump, I hope the debate gives you information and insights you didn't previously possess. It did for me, and entertained me in the process.

You can find more information - audience polls, profiles of the debaters, the sources they cite, and a great many more interesting debates - on their website.