This mod requires the XML Injector and is dedicated to Scumbumbo that was the first one, to my knowledge, to rework the divorce reactions, I'm still using his mod.

This is the first Mod of the upcoming rework of the IR mods collection... and it's actually something completely new!

I know I should be working on the other two mods I've yet to rework but... I've been wanting to do this since I made the mod for the university rejection and saw the potential in the system Maxis used for the application....

As soon as you'll put this mod in your folder, the divorce option will disappear, to be replaced by the option Ask for Divorce:

I never liked the way divorce works in game... so you'll need to drop the "news" on your sim's partner...

Once you asked for divorce, a new option will appear on the mailbox and on the pc, to send a request for the divorce papers:

You'll have to pay the procedure, it cost a bit less if you fill the papers yourself...

Then you'll have to wait about a day or two for the procedure to be worked on. You'll get the papers in the mail:

Pretty much like the application, you can also check the status via PC or phone. Reading it will cause a reaction on your Sim... here Bella is destroyed by the end of her marriage...

Don... not so much....

The partner will be able and will react to reading the papers, too, but only the sim who asked for divorce will have, at this point, the option to actually divorce... and it will cost money:

This mod overrides the divorce interaction and is not compatible with other mods that do the same. Doesn't touch the divorce broadcaster to not conflict with other mods.

Fixed a mis-placed test


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