Irati Hair 4K Tumblr Followers Gift


Hi guys, back with another conversion! A thank you for 4K followers on Tumblr (almost 4.1 now lol oops) Just a nice curly, high side pony I thought you guys would enjoy! Sims 3 version coming soon! 🥰🖤 Thanks you guys, for sticking around and supporting me through this long, tedious journey. I hope you all enjoy the hair! Also, added a few new swatches and got rid of some duplicates I didn't know I had! Lol Have a great day everybody!

  • 60 Swatches
  • All LODs
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Base Game Compatible
  • HQ Compatible

All credit goes to the original creator on IMVU. Also S/O to Jennisims for her textures! Recolors are allowed just don't include the mesh if you share <3  

I hope you guys enjoy <3 If you use it tag me:

Tumblr: @indecisivesimsx
Twitter: @indecisivesims
Or use the hashtag #indecisivesims

Only Download ONE version!! HQ is for those who use the HQ mod!

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