IRC, Package Name Change, Social Media, Patreon
Development of Nori and Norilib has officially resumed. My aim is to create a version of Nori that can be published on the Google Play Store without violating their Developer Content Policy.

A version of Nori without any restrictions will still be available on GitHub and F-Droid, the Free and Open Source Android App Repository.

IRC Channel

Nori and Norilib now have an official IRC channel on the Freenode network.

If you would like to contribute to Nori by writing code, translating, improving the UI/UX, quality assurance (testing), or simply have any questions to ask - you can find me and other developers on #nori.

New Versioning Scheme

I want to keep the version numbers of Nori and Norilib in sync, so they will be using a slightly modified variant of semantic versioning:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes to Norilib
  • MINOR version when you add functionality or make bug fixes in a backwards-compatible manner to Norilib
  • PATCH version when you add functionality or make bug fixes to Nori, without making any changes to Norilib.
    The first 6 characters of the Git commit hash are to be appended to each version name at build time, i.e. Nori 2.4.21-abc123. This is done automatically by the Gradle build script.

The next version of Nori and Norilib will be 2.1.0.

New Package Names

The package names of Nori and Norilib will be changed to io.github.tjg1.nori and io.github.tjg1.library.norilib, respectively. This is mostly to allow me to upload Nori to the Google Play Store as a new app. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Social Media

I’ve created a Twitter account for Nori to post regular updates about Nori’s development. You can follow it here.

Patreon & Donations

You can set up a monthly pledge towards Nori’s development on my Patreon account.

I’ve started the Patreon campaign to help me keep Nori free (and free of ads) by supporting its continued development. The Google Play version of the app will also let people donate using in-app payments. I will try to dedicate some of that money towards bug bounties, so other people working on Nori can also be rewarded.

All donations are completely optional.