Iridescent Fairy Wing Tutorial is Now Live!

For years you've asked, so tonight, I've posted my first ever iridescent fairy wing tutorial here to my Patrons of all tier levels!
You'll get early access to the tutorial video, full materials list and SVG cutting file for Cricut Maker. The file can work in any Cricut or Silhouette machine, however your settings may need to be different on an Explore and a Silhouette will have different software and tools.

You don't need a machine to use this technique, however using a Cricut rather than an X-Acto knife will is what I cover in the video and will be much easier on your hands.
All the materials are fairly affordable and accessible. Please note that this is not a tutorial for cutting metal frames like I have on my wings but the end result will look fairly similar. The wings in the video above are what you'll be making.