Iron Heart "Riri" Fanart!
So who else is excited to learn more about Riri?! I just had to do a fan art of her because who can you not do a fan art of her? I also thought it would be so cool to have an actual helmet that did a quick two strand twist for curly hair so that it would cut back on detangling time. Ah, how I remember those childhood memories of my mother racking through my tresses with that thick (sometimes thin) comb, trying to get it combed through and twisted up into pig tails, good times....(^^;)

Anywhoo, I hope you all like my little fan art! My daughter came into my room really excited asking who she was and that she was so pretty, so I got the seal of approval from her, yay!

Back to work I go on comic thumbnails and homeschooling. Those in the $10 reward tier are able to make suggestions of other illumstrstations that I should draw. I already have the next thumbnail for the Rose Queen (flower girl series) illustration mapped out and I hope to have that progress update ready to share with Friday's comic update.

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