Iron John: theWild_Man
This drawing is inspired in the book character of the fairy tail 'Iron John' narrated in Robert Bly's book. This book is definitely one of the most important I have read in my life. I read it at least five times and it keeps on surprising me  with hidden meanings and guiding throughout my life.

One of the readings happen during a retreat of silence and meditation I did for 18 days in near Pune, India. This mystical experience changed my life profoundly. I was able to find a deeper approach to art and give a meaning to my life itself. Words will not be able to express what I went through in the inner realm, but this drawing is a synthesis or gives a good feeling of the whole inside journey. It happen like this; one fine day after morning meditation the image of the Wild Man (described so accurate in the book with all its connotations) came to my vision very strongly. I took the pen and draw him in precise 40 minutes, all at once, with no break.

Later on, I keep seeing this drawing again and again and feel like the Wild Man is guiding me throughout the artworks.