IronGate Questions 11!
Luke finishes SigPig's question, shedding more light on how the IronGate team spends some of their downtime. Next week's question will feature a question from MadJak posed to Director Marcus about IronGate's use, or misuse, of Wright's terrifying power.

Oh, look, a record, looks kind of broken, wonder what's on it...

We're super excited to be exhibiting at HalCon this year! Come see us if you can!

We're going to be selling CDs loaded to the brim with content seen and unseen with some fun extras tossed in to round it all out, posters will be on hand too, and of course William will be doing sketches, Michael might even do one, that'll be interesting, so lots of reasons to check us out!

Don't forget to send any questions you have for our cast to [email protected], or you can leave a comment here, on the main 

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...Oh, that's what was on that. Well, now we know, and knowing is half the battle, right?
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