Here we are frosty fans, at the final week of our long hiatus. Both of us are quite eager to return to regular updates and we know some of you are excited to see what happens in the final act of Whiteout as well.

We're both very grateful for the two amazing pieces the IronPhoenix Ashley Pincock gave us for this hiatus, and to Megan Henry for her incredible set, the final of which is featured above. We're very lucky to have such wonderful fans and know it.

To see more of the IronPhoenix's work check out her Tumblr and Twitter, and if you're in need of some stellar art give her humble commission rates a look! More of Megan Henry's incredibly frosty work can be found on her Planets From Outer Space site and of course you can chat her up on Twitter too if you'd like!

Over on IronGate and IronGate Extras you'll see we've made some changes, our sites are a bit more streamlined then they were before and that's all thanks to the wonderful Gideon Land of Next Reverie!

See you again tomorrow over on IronGate Extras or in a few minutes here on Patreon for Early Access!

Stay frosty, frosty fans!