Irongate Extras - IronGate Questions 06
It looks like Dorian was motivated to respond before Addison had the chance. She was probably napping in her coffin when the question arrived.

Don't worry Sigpig, we're sure she'll be happy to offer her reply next week. As far as missing the chance to answer first, we could say, 

you snooze, you lose

, but in Addison's case, 

you rest in an undead repose, you lose

, would be more appropriate, which really doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

We're going to be at HalCon this year too and will be doing sketches, selling posters and CDs loaded with extra content, every page of IronGate in 300 DPI hi-res, and everything we've put up on IronGate Extras too!

Stay frosty!