IronGate Extras, IronGate Questions 07!
And now Embers has put a few words in, this might be getting out of hand...

Remember, we're going to be at HalCon this year!

William will be doing sketches and we'll be selling posters and CDs loaded with extra content! They'll have every page of IronGate in 300 DPI hi-res, and everything we've put up on IronGate Extras too! We're also throwing on some fun extras like the original run of IronGate before we had any sense, it's pretty terrible, and we're going to record some commentary, so you can hear us ramble on about what went on while we were working on each page, maybe it'll be good for a laugh!

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 and see when we update everything! No pressure... No pressure. It's not like we're holding our breaths and turning purple or anything.

But we are.

Okay, take care!