IRONHEART [live-action] Promo
 CAMPAIGN LAUNCHES: January 17th 2017
IRONHEART: It Starts With a Spark... [a fan film short]

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"I grew up surrounded by strong women in my family and circle of friends and in making this short film I hope to shed light on Riri’s story and further drive that much needed diversity in film with hopes that there will be strong young women out there who gravitate to her tale and want to learn more.

Being able to make fan films like this enables awareness of a character that not many know about. There are young women out there who don’t read or follow comics, but they do watch movies and television in search of heroes they can relate to. Riri Williams/IronHeart will be one of them."

–Nate Lyles (Director/Producer)
MUSIC: "Cannon" - Silent Partner