Is the Democratic Party Trying to Crush Its Progressive Base?
In the first few months of 2018, the long-simmering battle between progressives and corporate Democrats has become a public battle -- both in election campaigns and in Congress. On this episode, rising star Democratic congressman Ro Khanna weighs in on the battle roiling the national Democratic Party. He has been a leading progressive voice in Congress -- and in the party -- for causes like Net Neutrality and stronger antitrust enforcement, and he has also stood out as one of the few lawmakers willing to publicly call out his own party. 

Khanna has channeled the growing activist energy harnessed by powerful progressive groups like Demand Progress, an activist group run by David Segal whose more than 2 and a half million activists have pushed for Net Neutrality, challenged tech monopolies and fought for anti-corruption measures. During the episode, you’ll hear Segal, a former state legislator from Rhode Island, join us in this conversation with Khanna. 

This is what we hope will be the first in a series of podcast collaborations with Demand Progress

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