Is the Emerald City Being Ruined?
Last week, I posted How Our Success is Ruining Seattle, to widespread positive response and distribution. Cory Doctorow wrote about it at BoingBoing, Timothy Lord posted it at Slashdot, and Emerald City historian and leading journalist Knute Berger wrote about it at Crosscut. Facebook readers all over the west coast actively shared and discussed it widely. So far, the story has received more than 17k page views on my site.

I look forward to doing more of this type of writing. I may take on Amazon again soon, (I actually caught them for misleading the Associated Press the week after and gave the post to Crosscut to widen awareness). I'm also thinking through a major post about Facebook strength and future. You'll also see me expand to national politics and activism soon. And, of course, I'll write more about my experience with the treatment of my brain tumor.

I appreciate your Patreonage. Thank you so much.

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