Is it okay to shout you out? Vote!
Hey there!

I recently livestreamed a chiptune seminar. Some of you were there for it, and some of you are here because of it. Thanks to everyone that did or could participate, seriously. It was a huge success!

I want to chop the seminar up into digestible bits and put it up on YouTube, and I'd like to shout you out at the end of the video. This entails me listing your name (as it is listed here on Patreon) in some sort of footer/tail/end card. Although I imagine the majority of people being okay with this, some might not want their name appearing I want to respect your privacy. 

So, please hit the appropriate poll option that properly depicts your innermost feels:

Yes, please feel free to shout my name from the mountaintops.

I would rather you not mention me in stuff and things.

Other (please comment)

19 votes total