Is It That Time Of Year Already?
 Christmas is fast approaching, and so is 2017.  For a great many people, myself included, 2016 has been a nightmare year.  I'm not going to dwell on that here and now however.  Instead I am going to look forward to the future with a degree of positivity.

2017 will see the release of the second book in The Nomad Chronicles as well as the Audio book version of the first book 'Kenopsia'.  I have an new RPG coming out as well (The Entropy Effect) as well as a new Fantasy Tabletop Wargame.

So, as you can imagine I have been fairly busy lately working on all of that.  However, not one to be resting on my laurels I have been working hard one one or two things for my lovely Patreon backers.

The first of those things is the gift boxes for the 'Hero' level backers ($10pm).  You should get your gift boxes in early 2017 and oh I think you are going to like them!

The second is that I have written chapter 11 of book 2 in the Nomad Chronicles.  It will be posted later today so keep your eyes open for that.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all