Is The MCU On The Verge Of Another Civil War? Comic Book Pals Daredevil And Iron Fist Clash In Final ‘Defenders’ Trailer (Article, News Feature, Movie Pilot)
The last Defenders article I did before the crossover aired... which like my previous Defenders piece, only got promoted by the time everyone had already seen the show. Yet another piece that had a time limit (so it didn't get shared on Movie Pilot's FB pages anymore). There had been a huge influx of Defenders articles the same weekend I'd published this, so this one understandably got lost among the editorial hustle. Nonetheless this is one of my favorite recent articles; Charlie Cox (who plays Matt) and Finn (Jones, who plays Danny) have a kind of awesome bromance going on behind the scenes, so it was fun seeing that translate in 'Civil War' form in the trailers, and later the small screen. I haven't seen the entire show yet, so no spoilers in the comments please. (Although I already heard about the biggest one, at the end.)