Is Steampunk political?

Stumbled across an interesting claim that Steampunk celebrates colonization and is only for white people.

So between everything else, here's my two cents.

I totally agree. The real Victorian age was the high time of colonization, and many an achievement of Britain only happened through exploitation. And there's a huge chunk of people in many countries who use Steampunk as a vehicle to celebrate that. Yes, they're fascists. I've run into quite a few. Hard.
And whenever we indulge in this history, we draw from it, too.
The whole western culture has grown on the backs of exploited people so its not just about Steampunk. It's about all that is good in life. From international kitchen to the existence of the Blues. And who would want to part with that now?!

as I keep saying
in HOW we adapt our history
we DO set signs.

Fascists have claimed so much fun for themselves and stolen it from the rest of ťhe your. From colours over gestures, symbols and even numbers, up to the entire repertoire of German folk songs. We don't sing songs anymore since the Nazis.

Do we want to grant them so much power?!

I don't.

Steampunk is all about a slightly ALTERNATIVE history.
This is a big chance. And doesn't mean denial, or only creating utopia, because if you don't tell the bad stories, people forget them.
In Steampunk, we can take the view of people real history denies.

So we can do Steampunk and actively celebrate the other side of it :

The nerds, as opposed to bullies, which is just another word for fascist.
The feminism (many books and movies show women doing things they were not allowed to in the real age, and saving the day. Same goes for poor people, and also POC, if rarely. Write more.).
The celebration of recycling. (Steampunk also celebrates coal burning. Doesn't mean we all want to go back to burning all coal. The real London fog would poison us.)
The freedom to invent your very own version of history. And your role in it.
Which also means a huge blossoming of queer culture because people in this version of Steampunk are used to just accepting what you wanna be, right now.
The celebration of scientists, and being on their side, and listening to their warnings.
The vision of a better world through science instead of belief (in church or ideology).
Being individuals and showing it. Standing out from the rest.
It's called SteamPUNK for a reason.

All this actively fights fascism. Because that's exactly what they want to suppress.

Let's do that. Let's have fun. Let's not have them claim our fun.

(do you all have your Steamball ticket for April?? Female fronted queer present and we'll punk our guts out 😊)
This is a public post so I'll add the event link :

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