Is that an asexual character I see?

Surprise! Earlier today I came across this tumblr post discussing a Dutch show with an openly asexual character in it and it included a clip where asexuality comes up.

The show itself is called Divorce, a show that ran from 2012-2016. I figured I'd give you a quick translated transcript of the actual clip. Please note that this is a very quick and very rough transcript and may contain small errors. But I am in such a state of OMG WHAT that I'm just sending you an extra post today. I needed to share asap.

For a clip from 2013/2014 that is likely intended to parody asexuality and make fun of people, it is suprisingly sympathetic and positive.

Disclaimer: I know literally nothing else about this show except what's easily googleable.

Clip Transcript

David: It’s quite exciting[1].

Desiree: Yeah, me too!

David: Yeah?

Desiree: Well, here we go!

David: Yeah.

Desiree: You[2]?

David: You first[3].

Desiree: Okay.

Desiree: Hey!

People: Hi!

Desiree: Hi. This is David. This is my new boyfriend.

Kees: Hi, I’m Kees and I’m also asexual, just like Dees.

David: Okay.

Rowena: Hi. Rowena, I’m with Kees and I’m sexual[4].

David: David. Nice to meet you and I’m also sexual.

Desiree: Nice to meet you. Hi, Desiree.

Rowena: Rowena. Hi.

Coby: Hi, I’m Coby. This is Mitchell. We’ve known each other for two months.

Mitchell: Hey, man. Mitchell. Sexual.

Group leader: Of course you fall in love with a person, but in this case it can be difficult to find a satisfactory way to interact with one another[5]. We recognise roughly 4 groups. You have type A, who does experience sexual desire, but it’s strictly aimed at their own body in the form of masturbation. Type B, who experiences no sexual desire whatsoever, but is able to form emotional and loving connections to other people[6]. Desiree, you’re a typical B just like me and we love dinners by candlelight, long beach walks, nice hugs every now and again, right? Yeah?

Desiree: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s about right.

GL: See and if you then find a romantic sexual partner –

David: That’s me! It’s fine. Desiree are real soulmates and I like that -

GL: I think that’s fantastic! Only I’d like to continue with Type C and D –

Mitchell: Yeah, but wait. Don’t you ever miss the penetration?

David: The? No, no, I don’t.

Mitchell: I do. Well, look. Coby is a stunner and I’m a perfectly healthy dude and it happens reasonably very often that I have an erection. But, well, if you can’t go anywhere with it, that can give a very lonely feeling.

Coby: Yeah, and then I feel lonely too, but in a completely different way.

GL: Yeah, you’ll always find a solution for the sex. The important part is that you accept each other the way you are.

Kees: To clarify, I’m asexual, but I still just have my erections. I just have no desire to do anything with it.

Coby: Well, my ex-partner went to a prostitute once per month. Yeah, I was fine with it. If you have a partner who doesn’t like music, that’s no reason to never go to a concert yourself, right?

Mitchell: No, but, honey, that’s your ex. I’d never do that to you, because we’re in this together[7]. Hey?

Rowena: I also don’t think it’s very easy at all because I’m in love with Kees and I’d prefer to touch him all day long and of course we also really like those dinners and the wines, but after that I want to cuddle up against him. I want to be able to caress him, but that’s not possible! Because Kees is the way he is and, sorry, but if I’m really honest I don’t know if I can continue doing this for the rest of my life.

GL: Well. If it was all so easy, we wouldn’t be sitting here, of course. It’s possible, though! Really. It is.


[1] Technically ‘scary’ is probably more accurate in the emotional context. He’s clearly apprehensive.

[2] As in ‘after you?’

[3] Technically it’s more “why don’t you walk?”

[4] Nowadays the term would be ‘allosexual’, but it’s from 2014 and Dutch which can have different terminology I’m not aware of, so for the transcript I’m ditching the allo- prefix.

[5] This scene is the crux of the clip and I’m not even going to TRY to keep the innuendo intact.

[6] Go go aro erasure?

[7] Technically it’s “Out together, home together”.