Is this a crisis?
I will be releasing CITY BY THE SEA this month for my patrons. For those who have seen us play live recently, it's the one with the ethnic shouting, the dark cello rock riff, and the flamenco-style choreography.  And Brian Viglione plays the mediterranean boom-tchakalaka in his very own style (I am quoting: "Let's take out the motherfucking big drum now").

Yes, it is another song about refugees, after On The Run last month. I still can't believe that I wrote all of them sitting happily in Marseille while Germany was welcoming refugees at the train stations with cheers, bottled water, and stuffed toys.

Only one year later, right-wing ideology had taken over, and everybody was speaking of a crisis.

I still think a crisis only exists in the head. A crisis means, in a medical sense, something you can't do anything about as a doctor, only stand by helplessly, dry the forehead of the patient, and wait until the body or soul heals itself - or dies.

This is not a crisis. It's a  problem, a bunch of problems, and they demand solutions. Not standing by helplessly. Because there is no immune system that will destroy the right wing virus. Only us.

Sorry for ranting. I am supposed to make nice music, to entertain, and keep my mouth shut.

But, as I put it in another song you all know, I won't. Never ever.

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