Is this thing on?
Hello there to my whole one backer! Thank you for being SUPER COOL. You get a big hug. ♥

So, after having this Patreon for aaaaaabout two months now (what a slacker!) I finally set up those reward tiers. Hurrah.

What have I been doing lately... hmm.

  • I put a bunch of work into my console font editor, and at this point it's actually kind of usable for actual editing, which I'm a little excited about. This project, by the way, is a prerequisite for other things yet to come. Secret things. Paid backer things ;)
  • Thanks to a recent burst of musical creativity, I now have a huge mess of stray ideas saved.
  • I also have a handful of older, previously incomplete musical tracks that I salvaged for a project, and am fully intending to post onto Bandcamp before the year ends.

Aside from that, I'm currently struggling through the worst week of Retail Hell, hoping that I won't have to deal with this mess by next year. Time will tell.

Happy Solstice,