Is this thing on?... 🎤
*tap tap* *cough*

GREETINGS to my current supporters, viewers, and future supporters! I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm improving and reworking rewards for all tiers. Thats your queue to say "about time!"

That being said, high level tiers will start out with a lower number of benifits, but will be added onto amongst more planning. For now, I'll be finally distrubuting the correct rewards and actually paying my thanks.

All jokes aside, thank you to everyone who has been supporting me up until this point and as we go forward, patreon is a fantastic way to connect with me and bring together a close community of people with similar interest, I swear to do my best and keep active on the posting, rewards, and so forth.

** If you haven't already, message me your in-game username so that I can properly distrubute in-game rewards!

~ Mix Master Zee