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ISS SSTV April 2016 Video #2 - Perfect Images... Almost!
This was my second successful #ISS #SSTV reception from the April 2016 ISS SSTV event. My first reception is documented in last week's video:

This was also my first reception during this event with my friend Sammy, KK4TJH. We ended up receiving a few more images on later passes this day.

The April 2016 event took place during Tuesday and Wednesday, April 12th and 13th and it included a series of 12 images commemorating the 15th anniversary of the first ham radio QSO from the International Space Station.

There was a second special event on Thursday and Friday  of the same week to recognize the achievements of the Moscow Aviation Institute. The event was titled MAI-75 and included a different series of images. Most of the passes during this event were not over North America, but there were TWO passes that were, and my next video will document this rare reception I made of these two passes.

These ISS SSTV events happen a few times a year, and as you can see, they're a ton of fun. To get ready for the next one, checkout my ISS SSTV Reception Hints webpage:

73, KG4AKV