Issue #1 - This Is the Behavioral Scientist

For the past two years, the Behavioral Scientist has lived exclusively online. Now we are excited to move off the screen and into your hands. The inaugural print issue represents a selection of pieces from our start as a digital publication.

Print Issue #1 features:

- 15 of our best articles and interviews (80+ pages) from leading behavioral scientists—including best-selling authors, industry and government experts, and interdisciplinary scholars at the forefront of the field

- A selection of our most popular behavioral science cartoons

- Topics include: designing for well-being in cities and at work, the battle between man and algorithm, moving beyond the invisible hand in Econ 101, the behavioral scientist's ethics checklist, why timing is everything and everything is timing, plus more

How to get your hands on Issue #1:

Receive Issue #1 as part of your annual gratitude pack when you support the Behavioral Scientist at any of our three tiers (or any monthly contribution of $5 or greater).

Update June 6, 2019 - International shipping? 

We've had a several questions about whether we ship internationally. The answer is yes! We are excited to get the Behavioral Scientist into the hands of readers around the globe and can send our annual gratitude packs, which includes Issue #1, to virtually all countries. For international patrons who would like to help cover some of the additional shipping costs, we suggest selecting the tier that's right for you and then adding $0.50/month if you're at the Supporter level (e.g. $5.50) or $1.00/month if you're at the Investor or Wise Owl levels (e.g. $11 or $26). This is completely optional.