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Issue 2 Is Live
Are you ready for Issue 2? Because we're ready to share it with you. Here's what Shannon has to say about the contents:

Our first story, Helen Marshall's One-Quarter Dreaming, Three-Quarters Want, examines the painful growth of a boy in post-Communist Romania.  Layla Al-Bedawi's To Escape the Witch's House makes a list of what's required to be free.  In L Chan's The Symphony of Park Myong Lee, a young clone discovers more about what it means to be an idol, and what it means to be herself.  Nancy Au's Odonata at Rest is a sweet and painful look at what it's like to grow up different, and Natalia Theodoridou's The Solace of Counted Things describes a sibling relationship and the art that defines it.  Our final story, Armel Dagorn's Late nights, he comes, depicts a relationship that haunts the people and landscape of a small town in Brittany. 

We're also pleased to bring you our first poem, Cassie Pruyn's Aubade.  

Sound exciting? We think so. Please come read and explore! And thank you, for supporting us in creating a magazine where unique voices can be heard.  

Postcards will go out in the next month or so; we still need to get them printed. And if we owe you a blog post or rejection, I'll reach out by email (mostly because I find Patreon's systems incredibly confusing).

Again, thank you for your support!