Issue 3 Cover and release date news!
Hey everyone! Today we can reveal the cover for issue three of TVL Magazine and you'll probably be surprised - and glad - that it isn't a Double Fine title! Issue 3 is beautifully adorned by Steins; Gate and we can't wait to get this into your hands! Thankfully there won't be that much of a wait - we will release issue three exclusively to Patrons on July 13th! It will be available both online and to download, with the print copies being posted out afterwards. Issue three will be available to everyone on July 20th and features 13 of our latest reviews, 3 more great developer interviews including our first looks at Ackk Studios and XMPT Games, who talk to us about YIIK and DiscStorm respectively. We also round up the latest Vita news and have a fantastic feature from Greg Miller, who many of you will recognise is formerly from IGN and these days represents the rather fabulous Kinda Funny. Closing the issue with have our hottest picks and more community features, including a new chat with GadgetGirlKylie! What do you think of the cover? Are you looking forward to Issue 3?
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