Issue 3 Launched & WHAT A NOVEMBER!
Happy Gratitude month! I am so so thankful for all of YOU.

I must admit, some mornings on this music journey I wake up and feel like I'm trying to start a lawnmower low on gas. I'm practicing on my piano in my living room and seeing the vision of the musician I want to become but sometimes I can get stuck. Often I get overwhelmed on how to go from the idea in my head to the vision I imagine.  BUT I am making progress every day and am also continually inspired by the musicians I am meeting along the way. I focus on knowing that even if a couple of people feel something when they hear my music that I will continue to play to them.

I am honored for the over 100 of you that have become an official "Venetia" fan. There's a theory called the "100 True Believers" theory that is why that number is such a big deal for a newbie like me. It goes something like this:

A True Believer is someone who knows you, the person behind the art or product. Someone you’ve confided in by showing them your art or explaining your business plan. They care about your product, because they also care about you. Not only will they buy your product, but they’ll tell everyone they know about what you’re doing; they’ll get the word out.

The 100 True Believers are there before you hit the big time (or medium time). They’re the group that knows you, sees your budding potential, and wants to contribute to your future success. 1,000 True Fans doesn’t come overnight. It happens 1 fan at a time until you reach 100 True Believers. They are the medium through which you’re able to attract and communicate to your 1,000 True Fans. Again, the number isn’t important. It could be 100, but it might also be 10. Before you can get to 1,000 True Fans, you have to establish your 100 True Believers.

It gives me all the courage I need to start that lawnmower every day. I know you work SO hard for your money and I thank you so much.

Right now (after tax) the 500$/ or so goes to rental of the rehearsal space, violin lessons and producer mixing fees on my new album coming out this January! (Get excited). I've got an actual album being built and it's an all new sound. Can't wait to share.

I've also got a remix album coming out next week and you'll get the downloads for free from that. 

This month was a super exciting month. I told the stories of three new fab musicians for the magazine (check them out:, performed at DeHart studios, got two new tracks made for the new album, had a photoshoot for some updated images and and completed the remix album! 

I have a feeling 2016 is going to be an epic year. To me, 2015 was all about trying new things to figure out what it was I didn't or didn't like. It's kinda like dating. You think, "THIS is what I want"...only to figure out, no. It's not. Over and over until you start to form the clearest vision possible. It's all about the journey and I'm loving every minute of it.

I know 2016 is when everything will begin to click into place. The lawnmower will be full of gas and mowing football fields! (okay okay, too far on the metaphor but you know what I mean). 

I can't wait. So much love and gratitude.


ps: I am attaching a living room cover from Issue 3 with a local musician Louise Nalbandian ( AND a song I wrote in response to the attacks in Paris and just recorded in my closet. (Aka: The studio of magic). I hope you enjoy and more coming soon!