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A big Thank You for investing even a single dollar to us! You also get 4 monthly pencil sketches of panels from upcoming chapters drawn by Lazaro himself!
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Previous Rewards And Visual Novel Style Art of your Character: For this much, you'll have your character (or yourself) Penciled and Inked by Lazaro! On top of that, your character may have a chance of appearing in future chapter of WIO as a minor character! (Subject to change based on demand)
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Previous Rewards And Cameos And Early Access And A Vote in the Story: It's the apocalypse, there's going to be a lot of random wandering survivors about, you can have a character of your own show up! Whether you want to see yourself or your best The Walking Dead OC, just pledge this much and send us an image of your character for Lazaro to give you a cameo! On top of that, you'll get access to pages before normal readers plus you can help steer our survivors to safety... or death. You'll get a vote in where they go, who falls in love, who dies, who kills!
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Previous Rewards And 11x17: Every month a new picture will be sent to both the e-mails and physical mailboxes of everyone who contributes this much! (Pictures are rated 18+ for violence and drug use. If you wish to not receive the 11x17 but Donate $50, just send me a message saying you wish to no longer receive the pinups). Remember to add $10 for international shippings!
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Previous Rewards And Platinum Pledge And Direct Story Contribution: Seriously? You must really believe in WIO or you want to own us! Honestly, your generosity is staggering and I'm out of ideas for rewards! Name in the credits with a "Platinum Pledge Badge" next to your name in the credits and top billing! PLUS all the previous awards are yours and we can play on Steam! Also, we love your generosity so much that we want to hear directly from you on what should happen next! That's right, you'll not only have a vote but an actual say in how we navigate this ship through the storm! Love ya!!
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