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Issue 43
Welcome to Virtual Reality: Valid Identification Required by Veve Jaffa
Facebook’s unethical policies regarding identity verification and data collection make for a dangerous collaboration with Oculus, expanding their reach to a new horizon of vulnerability in VR technology... The beauty of games is they allow you to confront challenges and fears within the safety of simulated danger. But the danger posed by Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus is very real: while you’re exploring virtual reality, Facebook is exploring you.

Diversifying Stock Photography: An Interview with Jenifer Daniels, Founder and CEO of Colorstock
"The internet in and of itself is very male and very pale and very English. The way that we write copy, the way we code, the way we find solutions to technical problems, all ascribe to that philosophy of 'white, male and pale.'"

Data Colonialism: Critiquing Consent and Control in “Tech for Social Change” by Anonymous Author
... data is a core part of ICT4D (information communication technologies for [international] development) inquiry and practice – and far from being a neutral process, the ways that data is collected, stored, processed, analyzed and shared in the field deeply reflects politics, power dynamics and ongoing patterns of privilege and marginalization on a global scale. For the purposes of this article, we argue that two specific trends in ICT4D: lack of ethical processes around data collection and management (in particular, informed consent and opt-out procedures); and ongoing Western control over data (including what technologies are used, where data is stored, etc.), continue the legacy of colonialism within aid work.

Detrimental Effects of “Best in Show” Hiring Processes in Tech by Nikki Brown
While it’s true that competitive, performance-based interviews may result in hiring top talent, this process may disenfranchise people who are equally talented but who have a harder time showcasing their skillset in a best-in-show atmosphere. Those most hurt by the big top-style hiring process include virtually anyone outside the young, white male demographic that pervades the tech industry.

On the Risks of Being Kinky and Female in Tech by Ava Ex Machina
My time at Google was brief, but long enough to experience firsthand how a company that struggles to remove harassment from its own products also enables harassment within its own walls. Like many women who are sexually harassed in the workplace after rejecting a coworker, I eventually left Google for another job without ever feeling as if I could even begin to explain the problem to someone with the power to stop it, let alone go through any official reporting or remedy processes.

How Tech Employees Can Use Corporate Donation Matching by Liz Frost
With the election of a racist, sexist, homophobic fascist in the US, non-profits need our help more than ever. Organizations like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are digging in for a long fight, and they can’t do it without our help. Organizations like the Trans Law Center need funds now, before the inauguration so trans people can update identity documents under existing trans friendly policies before they’re repealed. Everyone needs your help, and maybe your employer can help you help them.

The Line Between Innovation & Pleasure: On Tech And The Sex Toy Industry by Cameron G.
Presumption of a disposable income, able-bodied access and ability to use any tool, while prioritizing heterosexual monogamy, whiteness and cis identity, all create a sex toy culture that rejects and erases marginalized users.

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