Hello lovely Patrons! Matt here with an update on issue 6. So, as you may have guessed we're running a little late this month. This is due to:

A) Christmas making a lot of people unavailable

B) Illness making me voiceless and unproductive

The upshot of this is that issue 6 will now be released to both Patrons and the public alike on 31/12/2015, but to make up for it we are offering a little late Christmas present for all of our listeners.

Patrons will receive a bumper edition of the magazine with extra content wrested from the GeekPlanetOnline podcast archives!

Non-Patrons will receive an ad-free edition of the mag so they can see how the other half live!

We hope this makes up for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your continued support.

Merry Christmas!