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Issue 6 Walks Among Us
Greetings Patron Horde! Once again thank you for making yet another issue possible. Check out that cover by Jeff Brown! In a moment, I will send out the links to the different versions of the issue to the appropriate patron levels. But before we get to all that, I'd like to draw your attention to the Words Without Master collection over on I have been posting all of my fiction that appears in Worlds over there, where it is freely available to all who wish to peruse it. Take a moment in the next couple of days to check it out. You can read some of the stories you might have missed and share them with friends unfortunate enough not to be members of the Patron Horde. Even if you have read all the stories before, go on over, click on your favorite tales, scroll to the bottom of their pages, and click the recommend buttons you find there. The more the stories get recommended, the more likely other random adventurers will happen upon them and find their wandering way into the horde. And with that, I'm off to send out the latest issue. There's a game in it that requires you literally play with fire. I cannot wait to get this into your hands. Sincerely, Eppy
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