Issue 7: OTIS Club Newsletter Thing
Welcome to Issue 7. I'm opening up this issue to "everyone in the world" (Patreon's term, not mine). Basically, this one's a freebie. As you'll see inside the newsletter, being a member of the OTIS Club gets you the rough equivalent of two extra OTIS posts a week (by word count), plus plenty of oddity news.

Inside this particular issue, you'll find updates on OTIS and what's going on behind the scenes, a story about the most morbid thing I've ever done, some never before seen oddity photos, my OTIS-y take on the new Ghostbusters movie, and lots of oddity news, from a Halloween asteroid to a Jewish pirate grave to the town that is being transformed for the new IT adaptation.

And if you dig what you read in the newsletter, joining's easy. You just hit one of those buttons to the left and then brace yourself for all the perks. You can get issues for as little as $1 per month and every single issue from this point one for just $5 per month (plus other perks).

So take a read. I hope it'll convince you join the inner circle of OTIS. It's fun here.