Issue Nine of Radical is Here!
 Autumn is here and I am loving this season more than ever. It's been a wild summer full of great and awful things. Great things like my brother's wedding and awful things like my fractured foot. Now is the time to release summer and relax into a season of doing less, of reflecting on the past year, and preparing for hibernation as we walk into winter.

 In this issue you will meet three new artists, Erika Reyes, Irene Lam, and Wendy Rodriguez, all of whom I met at the San Diego Zine Fest last September. I'm stoked to share their messages of self-care, transformation, and humor. Returning contributors include Iris Orpi, Inisa Fajra and Jasmine Farrell.

 There is also a new section celebrating the accomplishments, services and products of all contributors, including books, zines, and well being.

 I hope you're enjoying each issue of Radical. I put a lot of work into editing, formatting and promoting each issue. I love meeting new artists, connecting with regular contributors and sharing so much creativity and self-care with all of you!

  As patrons*, you receive an advance copy before this issue becomes public.  Everyone else has to wait until the 5th to read this issue. But you are special! Thank you for your continued support as I share healing art and words from myself and other inspiring agents of change. You are making this happen by giving support both financially and emotionally. I am so grateful for you all.

 Tomorrow YOU will be the first to receive advanced copies of my newest book, Start from the Root. So, keep an eye out for the post to download your copy for Nook, Kindle and other e-readers.

*If you are not a patron, join now for early access to all future issues by giving $1 or more a month. You also get access to my e-books and art each month when you join at $3 or more.

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