Issues in the kitchen.
I did not locate the lamb sauce, however what i did locate were graphical bugs, revolving arond booleaning objects.

I made like 8 doors today, cut 3 of those, but still, pretty good. However on closer inspection... you can see.

Why Doors and shit? Well, i was assembling a level in UE4 and doing it with brushes was bumming me out, everything looked rigid and lifeless, so i wanted to give it that whammo with custom made walls! So i got into blender, made a basic wall 3 meter tall, like 5 meter wide - the perfect block for construction! Then i thought: "Ok, i intend to have everything breakable, so surely players will be dissapointed there is notihng inside its like a fucking cement building or something, so i shoved steel rods in there for support and kinda wanted to add inner filling. And then i thought, i have the walls but no doors! Hell lets make a door, and then i made a few more and wanted to start making animations, but i didnt get to that. In fact i didnt animate jack shit and am still super nervous about that. Plus the parenting of object didnt carry on to ue4, which doesnt spell anything good for me.